9851 Professional Seminar II 

Professor: Dr. Kelly 

Spring 2012 

Professional Application:  Three institutions are failing our nation and we have to try our damnest to fix them; homes, church and school. Our ability to fix schools is predicated on my ability to develop appropriate curriculum and understand how technology is going to lead to "far faster and in-depth learning." 

Related Literature:

Our responsibility as educators is to continue to make the American education system great like it was when we were a young agrarian society and an 8th grade education was more than basic knowledge. With a great system mastery can be acheived through success 100% of the time, not 99%; "you can't land a plane at educational systems level of mastery." For this type of a system to be possible, "someone must conceive the idea is possible."


Class Notes  

"A teacher is a person who empowers people to learn, an administrator is a person who empowers teachers to teach."     --Thomas Kelly

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