9817 Politics & Implementation of Policy

Professor: Dr. Manley

Spring 2012

Professional Application: This course offered me a better understanding of the baseline Board of Education members come prepared with and the value of their committment for more than one term. As Deborah Stone implied in Policy Paradox, there are different  visions of equity because of individualized views.

Related Literature: 

A greater understanding of school board members knowledge acquisition was made apparent through data dissagregation of The role of school boards, their governance practices and sense of effectiveness in suburban, urban, and rural settings in the United States. Bolman & Deal explain organizations need to exist in a rational state with established structure. Deborah Stone explains how equity is based on an individuals views with a "calculated risk," of how we use our ideas, not just collect and deploy traditional resources.

 “Count what you hope to get, not what you want.”  --Robert Manley

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